World Finals: Jury

Russia Shramko, Elena (°NULL) - Russia

Professional experience

  • 2000 - now : Founder and General Manager of “The Centre of Culinary Arts - Exclusive” in Moscow – the first and well-known Russian school for professional chefs and pastry-chefs.
  • 2000-2002 : president of the Culinary Association of Northern
  • 1990-2000 : Executive Manager of the restaurant of a “Bristyol” clubhouse
  • Author and conductor of more than 25 educational programs in the field of confectionary and seminars in service industry and restaurant management.

Awards and competitions

  • 2005 : Le Festival International de la Gastronomie in Turquie– 3 Golden medals in the Art-class: cooked sugar work, chocolate showpiece and miniature, Silver medal for Team Cold Buffet – Not tasted, Special award – golden medal – for the Team Cold Buffet as the best work in the display category, special award – golden medal – the best exhibitor in the Art-class section;
  • 2005 : GASTRO Hradec Czechia, Golden medal for cooked sugar work and a special award – The Cup for the best work in the championship;
  • 2005:  ScotHot 2005 Glasgow, Scotland, Silver medal cooked sugar work, Silver medal for miniature.
  • 2005: Hofex Hong Kong International Culinary Classic : Golden award for the cooked sugar work.
  •  2004 : Le Festival International de la Gastronomie in Turquie– Golden medal for cooked Sugar work, Silver medal for the Team Cold Buffet ;
  • 2004 : the FHA2004Culinary Challenge in Singapore (April) - Golden medal for dressed cake, Bronze medal for Wedding Cake, Bronze medal in Art-class;
  • 2004 : The IKA Culinary Olympics in Erfurt– 2 Silver medals and 1 Bronze medal, all for cooked sugar works;
  • 2003: member of the Russian team in WACS World Cooks Tour for hunger in South Africa.