National Selections: Report

Sebastian Kobelt is the new „German Chocolate Master“  
Matthias Ludwigs wins the "Finest Taste Award"

At the German national selection for the World Chocolate Masters contest, Mr Sebastian Kobelt won the title of "German Chocolate Master"  on Friday 24th November 2006. The contest took place at Haus & Wohnen crafts fair in Cologne. 

Kobelt was the best of no less than 7 contestants. All of them were judged by 10 professional jury members. 

The competition theme was "National myths and legends" and the contestants' assignment comprised the creation of a chocolate masterpiece, pralines, a pastry and a "Mystery Dessert", with ingredients that were only revealed during the competition! 

The 32-year-old Confectionery Chef Sebastion Kobelt was the overall winner and became the "German Chocolate Master". Kobelt owes a lot to the theme he had selected, namely the Spanish l"egend of "Don QuQuijote".

Sebastian Kobelt considers his participation in the World Chocolate Masters a personal victory and Mission.

26-year-old pastry chef Matthias Ludwigs won the "Taste Award". He impressed the jury with the theme of the „Der Rattenfänger von Hameln“, a declicious chocolate pastry as well a s a fine praline called "Starker Tobak".

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