World Finals: Report

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Naomi Mizuno of Japan is crowned World Chocolate Master of 2007

After three days of fierce competition the results of the World Chocolate Masters Final have been announced.

The second World Chocolate Masters took place at the first Salon du Chocolat Professionnel held in Paris from October 20 – 22, 2007. Twenty of the world’s greatest chocolate craftsmen took part in this year’s international final, which had the theme of ‘National Myths and Legends.’

The road to victory was long, with the competitors first having to win their national heats earlier in the year to gain a place in this year’s grand final.

Throughout the competition the competitors thoroughly demonstrated the mastery of their art in front of a jury of experts headed by Francisco Torreblanca, the master Spanish chocolatier. The tension increased throughout the three days of intense competition as spectators watched awestruck from the public galleries at the amazing technical skills and dexterity of the competitors who created some real works of art.

In addition to the first, second and third place awards the jury gave special awards for Best Chocolate Praline, Best Chocolate Dessert, Best Chocolate Pastry and Best Chocolate Showpiece.

The results of the 2007 World Chocolate Masters were announced in Paris on October 22nd. The overall winner was awarded the World Chocolate Masters trophy specially created by leading Dutch Designer Rob Verhoeven. The finalists shared a prize package of 100 000€.

 - Naomi Mizuno (Japan), Winner of the World Chocolate Masters 2007
 - Yvonnick Le Maux (France), second place finisher
 - Carmelo Sciampagna (Italy), third place finisher

These candidates were highly commended:
§ Yvonnick Le Maux (France) received an award for his pralines
§ Carmelo Sciampagna (Italy) received an award for his gastronomic chocolate dessert
§ Naomi Mizuno (Japan) received an award for his chocolate pastry
§ Naomi Mizuno (Japan) received an award for his creative chocolate showpiece

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Ranking WCM finals

1. Japan 11. Canada
2. France 12. UK
3. Italy 13. Taiwan
4. The Netherlands 14. Belgium
5. Spain 15. Germany
6. Korea 16. Switzerland
7. Austria 17. China
8. Australia 18. Russia
9. Denmark 19. Lebanon
10. USA 20. Brazil