National Selections: Report

Switzerland has a worthy representative for the 2008 World Chocolate Masters in Paris.

With a narrow lead of just 1.7% in total points, Martial Stoky from the Hôtel de Ville restaurant in the Swiss town of Crissier, won the Swiss Chocolate Masters at the Truffe d’Or contest in Laussanne. He will represent Switzerland against 22 other nations at the finals of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris.

Lausanne/Switzerland, 7 November 2006 – For the second time, the Swiss Chocolate Masters took place at the Truffe d’Or in Lausanne – based on the theme of “Harmony and emotions”. The five finalists won through against countless other industrial users of chocolate, such as confectioners, pastry cooks and bakers. They were given 15 working hours to create a chocolate dessert, two types of praline, a chocolate pastry and a chocolate and a sugar showpiece. They had to demonstrate creativity, the ability to work under pressure and a high level of expertise. However, the most important criterion was taste. “We didn’t want pure creativity to win out over everything else“. The taste of the creation therefore represented almost half of the total points (42.8%). “The assessment focused on – in addition to the actual taste – the structure, the harmony of the aromas and the originality of the creation”, explained the Chairman of the Truffe d’Or jury, Francois Stahl. Martial Stoky, the 27-year old pastry chef of the renowned chef Philppe Rochat managed to combine these two criteria. The outright winner in two of the five categories, he snatched victory by a narrow margin against Fabian Sänger from the Park Hotel Weggis in Weggis.

As the Swiss Chocolate Master, Martial Stoky will now take part in the “World Chocolate Masters” in Paris. The second World Chocolate Masters finals are due to take place in 2007 and has already established an excellent reputation. Barry Callebaut, the world’s biggest chocolate producer, is not only the main sponsor, as at the Laussanne Truffe d’Or in Lausanne, it is also the organiser.
Representatives from 18 countries took part in the first WCM three years ago. 22 countries will compete for the coveted title at the 2007 WCM. The WCM is the only competition devoted purely to chocolate and is on the same level as the “Champion du Monde de Pâtisserie” in Lyon and the “Pastry World Championship” in Las Vegas, making it one of the top three international competitions”, stated Francois Stahl.

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