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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate Pastry

China Jeffrey Koo China
'Kaffin Lime Milk Chocolate Cake,Crispy Praline'-China-
Spone Cake
egg yolk 200ml
whole egg 1000ml
icing sugar 750g
egg white 660ml
sugar 100g
sea salt 5g
cake flour 100g
hazelnut powder 800g
melted butter 150g
Beat the whole eggs and the sugar in a bain marie (until the eggs becoming warm)
Beat the egg base in the machine until you got a white colour and that the mixture is at least four time the volume. Add half of the egg white and fold the masse. Add the flour and other dried ingredients.
Fold in the melted butter and fold in the second part of the egg white. Poor the masse on the baking tray with sliplat on the top. Keep the thickness of maximum half a finger thick.

Lime Milk Chocolate ganache
kaffin lime leaf  40 peaces
cream  1000g
milk chocolate  1000g
glucose  200g
trimoline  50g
Lime Milk Chocolate Mousse
Single cream 500ml
kaffin lime chocolate ganache  500g
gelatines  5g
Boil the kaffin lime leaves and cream and let it infuse for one night. Heat the kaffin cream with the invert sugar and glucose until boiling point. Gradually pour the boilling  hot mixture on the melted chocolate. Mix from the center with a spatula to create a shiny and elastic core. This mixture should be maintained hroughout.

Made at the preselection in China 2007