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Inspiring Recipes: Dipped pralines

UK John Costello UK
'Pear and Cinnamon' - UK
  • Place jelly into an appropriate square frame
  • Then pour on top the freshly made ganache and level
  • Firm overnight
  • Spread a thin layer of chocolate onto base
  • Then use a guitar cutter to cut
  • Dip in plain chocolate
  • Decorate with a pine nut and a strip of white chocolate


Caramelised pine nuts
90g Sugar
30g Water 
450g Pine nuts
Boil sugar and water, then add nuts and stir until a light caramel colour is achieved
15g Butter 
Remove from heat and add butter

Once stirred through pour onto a marble surface, separate and store

200g Pear Williams puree (+10% sugar)
15g Grappa 
Heat together
15g Sugar
25g Pectin 
Mix together and add to above. Cook while continually stirring
300g Sugar Add slowly to above
When clear add 150g of caramelised pine nuts and stir well
Pour onto a silicon mat using rulers to get an even thickness
Refrigerate until firm 

Cinnamon ganache

450g Fresh cream (39% fat)
50g Glucose
4 Cinnamon sticks 
Heat together and stand for 15 minutes
700g Callebaut Chocolate (37% Papua) combine chocolates, boil above mixture
200g Callebaut Chocolate (60% Grenada) strain over buttons and stir through with stick blender

Created at the National Selection for the World Chocolate Masters UK, September 2006.