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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate Pastry

UK John Costello UK
'Tibetan Secret' - UK
Consists of two chocolate creams, the main cream being a salted milk chocolate caramel, also a small amount of dark chocolate cream using Kumabo as this gives the pastry a good chocolate taste without being too over powering. A biscuit base, a slice of soaked chocolate sponge all accompanied by Tibetan Goji berry and Cardamom. Finished with a dark sauce and part sprayed with orange cocoa butter.
1 Biscuit

40g Butter
40g Almond oil
1g Salt
40g Egg yolk
15g Ground almonds
50g Caster sugar
100g Flour
2g Baking powder

Callebaut cocoa butter Mycryo for sealing biscuit

Combine all ingredients except Mycryo and rest in a fridge for three hours
Pin out between plastic sheets until required thickness is achieved cut to size and bake at 180°C for 6-7 minutes, as soon as it is out of the oven evenly sprinkle Mycryo on top 

Goji and cardamom cream

125g Dried goji berries
200g Sugar
200g Water
Boil, stand for 10 minutes then strain. Blend berries and keep the syrup.
1 Lemon
40g Goji juice add to berries in the food mixer
40g Syrup
4 Gelatine 
200g Milk
10g Cardamom
boil cardamom and cream, infuse for 10 mins, strain. Soften gelatine then add to warm milk. Whisk until aerated then add to above


Once combined pour into a triangle frame and freeze 

Plain chocolate cream

25g Water
55g Sugar boil to 127°C
55g Egg yolks whisk then add to above
120g Chocolate (Kumabo 80%) pour the above over and stir
220g ¾ Whipped cream fold into above

When made pour into triangle frame and spread remainder onto plastic to an even thickness and freeze

Chocolate sponge

250g Caster sugar
10g Salt
550g Egg whites 
Whisk until stiff peak
600g Marzipan place into food processor and blend
400g Egg yolks
250g Eggs add slowly to the marzipan when clear
200g Caster sugar add to part one
130g Kumabo  Callebaut dark chocolate 80% Melt to 35°C and fold in to above
220g Butter
100g Callebaut Cocoa powder sieve and fold into above
200g Flour

Pour mixture into 60 x 40cm frame and bake at 200°C for 20 minutes 

Chocolate salted caramel cream

195g Sugar 
8g Fleur de Sel de Camargue 
Caramelise the sugar with the salt.
375g Cream
Seeds from 2 Tahitian vanilla pods heat together then add to above
285g Egg yolks 
Whisk eggs and add to above then return
To heat until 82°C
6 Gelatine sheets :  soak and add to above
675g Callebaut milk chocolate (32% Java) pour the above mixture over buttons and stir
1500g ¾ Whipped cream fold in 

Plain chocolate sauce

500g Full fat milk
130g Glucose boil
260g Sugar
100g Callebaut cocoa butter Mycryo add to above
500g Grenada Dark Callebaut chocolate
500g Dark Chocorobe pour above over buttons and combine carefully to avoid air bubbles

Use chocolate sauce at 32°C

Created at the National Selection for the World chocolate Masters in UK, September 2006.