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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate desserts

Japan Naomi Mizuno Japan
2007 finals - 'Elegance' - Japan
When the Callebaut Origine Sao Thomé ganache meets the praline flavoured cream, the caramelized fresh banana, and the kibbled praline, you will discover the delicate and new texture of the Mango praline sorbet.
Sao Thomé biscuit
Callebaut Origine Sao thomé chocolate 70g
Butter 35g
Egg white 35g
Sugar 18g
Flour 12g
Make meringue with egg white and sugar (beaten to hard peak). Melt Callebaut Origine Sao Thomé chocolate together with butter and pour the meringue into this mixture bit by bit. 
Add flour into this mixture and bake it at 180°C for 15 minutes. 
Cut with thickness 5mm. 

Praline gruau
Almond 200g
Sugar 100g
Cassonade 20g
Make a caramel  with sugar and mix it with the roasted almonds. After cooling it down, grind it with Cassonade in the food processor. 

Praliné carré
Praline gruau 150g
Callebaut GIA-D2 (Dark Gianduja) 40g
Grind the hazelnuts in the food processor. Mix grinded hazelnuts with melted Callebaut Gianduja GIA-D2. Spread it to a thin layer and cut with a square shape. 

Crème patissière
Milk 200g
Yolk 2pcs
Sugar 50g
Cream powder 16g
Mix all ingredients and heat them using a pan. Let it cool down in the refridgerator. 

Praline cream
Praline gruau 150g
Butter 150g
Rock salt 1,1g
Crème pâtissière 150g
Rhum 7,5g
Whip praline gruau, butter and rock salt together. Add Crème pâtissière and rhum into this mixture and then pour it into a tube. Let it cool down in the refrigerator. 
Remove the tube and cut it at length 11cm. Spray with chocolate. 

Banana ganache
Callebaut Origine Arriba chocolate 100g
Callebaut Origine Sao Thomé chocolate 50g
Fresh cream 70g
Fresh banana 50g
Rhum 10g
Bring the fresh cream to a boil and pour over Callebaut Origine Arriba chocolate and Callebaut Origine Sao Thomé to make an emulsion. Add fresh bananas and rhum into this mixture. 
Put Sao Thomé biscuit at the bottom of the mould and pour the mixture onto it. 
Cool it in the refigerator and cut it to the size 3cmx11cm.

Banana flame
Fresh bananas 3 pcs
Sugar 10g
Butter 5g
Rhum a bit
Slice the fresh banana thinly and soak it in rhum. Make caramel with sugar and butter. Add the banana slices and heat it. 
Cool down in the refrigerator. 

Sao Thomé Mousse
Callebaut Origine Sao Thomé chocolate 100g
Milk 30g
Sugar 3g
Yolk 2pcs
Fresh cream 125g
Heat milk, sugar and yolk together and pour this over Callebaut Origine Sao Thomé chocolate. Mix well. Mix in the whipped fresh cream. 

Praline sauce
Callebaut PRAMA (hazelnut & almonds praliné) 120g
Nappage 30g
Mineral water 20g
Rhum 7g
Mix all ingredients and adjust the softness. 

Mango sorbet - marble praline
Mango puree 400g
Sugar 24g
Invert sugar 30g
Fresh cream 24g
Lemon juice 4g
Callebaut PRAMA (hazelnut & almond praline) 100g
Heat a part of the mango puree, sugar and invert sugar together. Once melted, add the rest of the mango puree, fresh cream and lemon juice into them.  Pour this mixture in the sorbet machine. 
Once the sorbet is set, add praline paste and make the marble style. 

Place a praliné carré on the plate ans pipie Praline sauce onto it. Add a layer of Sao Thomé biscuit, banana ganache, banana flame and put thin chocolate, made of Callebaut Origine Arriba chocolate, and then pour Praline cream on it. Decorate with figures, made of chocolate and put the Mango sorbet - marble praline next to it.

Made at the 2007 finals in Paris, 20-22nd October 2007. 
Overall winner of the competition.