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Inspiring Recipes: Dipped pralines

Italy Carmelo Sciampagna Italy
2007 finals - 'Cavallino' - Italy

1 = Crisp with Piemonte Hazelnuts
2 = Dark chocolate ganache
3 = Ganache of white chocolate and "Tahiti" vanilla
4 = Dark chocolate "Tanzanie"

Crisp with Piemonte Hazelnuts
Cocoa butter Callebaut CB 70g
Cacoa Barry "Papouasie" milk chocolate CHM-Q3720 150g
Hazelnut praliné 330g
Hazelnut paste Piemonte 150g 
Dry caramel 75g 
Crispy Hazelnuts from Piemonte 220g 

Melt the Callebaut cocoa butter at 45°C and add it to the Papouasie milk chocolate, temper add pralinato and hazelnut paste, dry caramel and ground hazelnut Piemonte I.G.P. crispy biscuits.

Dry Caramel
Glucose 62DE 25g
Sugar 75g

Heat up the glucose, add the sugar, let the compound melt and lightly caramelize. Spread the compound between two silicone baking sheets as thinly as possible and when it has cooled down, use the cutter to ground it.

Piemonte Hazelnuts crispy biscuit
Fresh butter 100g
Cassonade Sugar 100g
Weak flower 100g
Hazelnut powder from Piemonte 100g
Baking powder  3g
Pink salt from the Himalaya 1g
In the mixer bowl with the leaf tool beat in butter and sugar, add sieved flour, ground hazelnut powder, baking powder and salt.  Chill dough in the fridge for a while, roll out at a thickness of 5 mm and bake at 155 ° C for 20 minutes.  Let the biscuit cool down and then use cutter to ground it.

Dark chocolate ganache
Fresh cream 35 % 275g
Glucose 62DE 40g
Cacao Barry dark chocolate "Saint Domingue" 70% CHD-Q70SDO 300g
Cacao Barry milk chocolate "Papouasie" milk chocolate 35,7%  CHM-Q3720 50g
Liquid butter 40g
Heat up the cream with the glucose and pour onto the two types of chocolate and emulsify.  At 30°C add liquid butter and keep on emulsifying.

Ganache of white chocolate and "Tahiti" vanilla
Fresh cream 35 %  500g
"Tahiti" vanilla berries n°3
Glucose 62DE 60g
Callebaut White Chocolate "Select W2NV" with natural vanilla 1350g
Callebaut Cocoa butter CB 80g
Liquid butter 50g
Infuse the vanilla berries in cold cream for 12 hours.  Heat up the cream with glucose and pour it on to the chocolate at 30°C add tempered cocoa butter and liquid butter, emulsify and pour on to the dark chocolate ganache .

Procedure : 
For the praline filling : 
- use the gun to spray the spraying compound into the half-sphere, and let it crystallize. 
- Pour the "dark chocolate ganache" at a temperature of 30°C in the mould and let this crystallise for 12 hours. 
- Remove from the mould. 
- In the cavity, pour the "ganache of white chocolate and Tahiti vanilla" and let it crystallise for 8 hours at 16°c. 
In the half-sphere silicone mould : 
- With the hazelnut crisp, carefully insert the filling and let crystallise at 16°C. 
- Dip into tempered Cacao Barry "Tanzanie" dark chocolate and decorate.

Made at the 2007 world finals in Paris, October 20-22nd 2007. 
3rd place overall winner.