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Inspiring Recipes: Dipped pralines

Germany Sebastian Kobelt Germany
2007 finals - 'Reminiscence' - Germany
This hand dipped praline is a take on the renowned German "Black forest Gâteau". Ingredients and flavours have been re-arranged  and are accompanied by a 64% Extra Bitter Guayaquil chocolate.
Chocolate Fudge
Caster sugar 250g
Thick condensed milk 350g
Unsalted butter 50g
Callebaut 100% cocoa paste CM 130g
Cardamom & oak-smoked almonds 75g
Make a caramel and add the warmed almonds. 
Add butter  condensed milk and cocoa paste. 
Stir until well combined, spread onto a silicone sheet and leave to cool. 

Kirsch ganache
Whipping cream 125g
Unsalted butter 25g
Glucose 25g
Cherry puree 100g
Cacao Barry Extra Bitter Guayaquil 64% dark chocolate 225g
Kirsch liqueur 50g
Boil up the cream. butter, glucose and cherry puree. 
Pour on to the chocolate and leave to melt. 
Stir until well mixed and pour in the Kirsch. 

Jelly of Black Cherries
Cherry puree 150g
Glucose 30g
Juice of Griottes in alcohol 30g
Citric acid 1 pinch
Pectin 8g
Caster sugar 40g
Mix pectin and sugar. 
Combine cherry puree, glucose and Griottes juice and bring to a boil. 
Stir in the sugar/pectin mix, boil up again and add citric acid.

Made at the 2007 world finals of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, October 20-22nd.