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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate Pastry

Germany Sebastian Kobelt Germany
2007 finals - 'Kaleidoscope' - Germany
Kaleidoscope equals variety, in flavour, in texture. Every image you see is unique and although the recipe is written on paper, the cake will never turn out the same again. A Papouasie milk chocolate mousse embraces a light lemon mousse and a Madagascar dark chocolate jelly. Completed by a dark chocolate sponge and a base which provides the crispy finish.
Chocolate sponge
Unsalted butter 125g
Caster sugar 40g
Callebaut Kumabo dark chocolate 80% 125g
Egg yolks 80g
Ground almonds 50g
Flour 12g
Egg whites 100g
Caster sugar 80g
Zest of 1/2 lemon  
Cream the butter and sugar and add the yolks one by one. 
Stir in the melted couverture rapidly and set aside. 
Sieve the dry ingredients. 
Make a meringue from whites and sugar. 
Fold ther meringue into butter and mix first, then add the dry ingredients. 
180°C for 12-15 minutes when spread onto a tray. 

Chocolate and ginger jelly
Whole milk 250g
Grated fresh ginger 15g
Zest of 1/2 lemon  
Caster sugar 30g
Agar 2g
Callebaut Origin Madagascar dark chocolate 66% 85g
Boil up milk and infuse with ginger and lemon zest. 
Mix sugar and agar. 
Stir in sugar-agar mix and boil up again. 
Strain off the ginger and lemon zest and mix well with the chocolate. 
Pour into rings and leave to set in fridge. 

Lemon mousse
Lemon juice 50ml
Sugar 25g
Egg yolks 60g
Sugar 25g
Egg whites 100g
Sugar 60g
Gelatine 2 sheets
Whipped cream 150g
Cream the yolks and sugar. 
Boil the lemon juice and sugar and add the yolk mix, making a sabayon. 
Add soaked gelatine.
Make a meringue from whites and sugar and gently fold into the sabayon. 
Fold in the whipped cream at last, fill into rings and freeze. 

Milk chocolate mousse
Egg yolk 85g
Egg whites 65g
Cointreau 45g
Cacao Barry Concorde 66% dark chocolate 75g
Cacao Barry Papouasie 35,7% milk chocolate 210g
Gelatine 4,5g
Whipped cream 600g
Whisk eggs whilst warming up to make a sabayon.
Dissolve soaked gelatine in warm Cointreau and stir into sabayon.
Mix with the melted chocolate, followed by whipped cream.
Assemble the cake by layering chocolate mousse with the chocolate jelly, the lemon mousse and the chocolate sponge.

Crispy base
Callebaut Pailleté Feuilletine 50g
Callebaut Origin Madagascar 66% dark chocolate 120g
Demerara sugar 10g
Hazelnut oil 5g
Melt chocolate and mix with Pailleté Feuilletine.
Add demerara sugar and hazelnut oil.
Roll between two transfer sheets to the desired thickness and leave to set in the fridge.

Made at the 2007 finals of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, October 20-22nd.