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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate desserts

Germany Sebastian Kobelt Germany
2007 finals - 'Instant Blush' - Germany
The molekular chocolate mousse deserves special attention due to its pure chocolate flavour. By using a minimum of ingredients and a special technique, the harmony of horse milk  and the nearly unaltered taste of this single plantation couverture will stun you.
Dark chocolate sponge
Egg whites 150g
Caster sugar 120g
Callebaut Origin Sao Thomé dark chocolate 70% 250g
Zest of 1 orange and 1 lemon  
Make a meringue. 
Fold in melted chocolate and zest and spread onto a tray. 
170°C for about 15-20min.

Raspberry tarts
Whipping cream 150g
Raspberry puree 225g
Egg yolks 150g
Egg whites 50g
Sugar 80g
Vanilla & citric acid  
Fresh lemon thyme 5g
Callebaut Select W2NV white chocolate 55g
Bring to a boil cream, raspberry puree, sugar, vanilla and lemon thyme .
Strain off lemon thyme and gently stir in to eggs.
Heat again until start to thicken.
Add white W2NV chocolate and citric acid.
Pour onto prebaked sweet pastry base and cook at 140-150°C until completely set.

Molekular chocolate mousse with horse milk
Water 200ml
Powdered horse milk 30g
Cacao Barry "Alto El Sol" chocolate (Peru) 125g
Boil up the water and stir in the milk powder.
Pour over the chocolate and leave to melt.
Using a hand held blender, combine the other ingredients. 
Set on ice, keep whisking until start to thicken.
Keep in fridge until needed.

Ice cream of caramel & spices
Caster sugar 200g
Milk 500ml
Cream 150g
Egg yolk 80g
Toasted cinnamon stick 1pc
Cardamom pods 3pcs
Tea bag 1pc
Crushed coffee beans 3pcs
Vanilla pod 1/2pc
Star anise 1pc
Callebaut Origin Sao Thomé dark chocolate 70% 30g
Make a caramel.
Combine with milk, cream and spices.
Infuse, stir in to egg yolks.
Strain back in to pot and make a sabayon.
Half the mix and add dark Callebaut Origin Sao Thomé chocolate to half.
Chill down both mixes and churn seperately.

Chocolate tuiles
Caster sugar 150g
Cacao Barry cocoa powder "Plein Arôme" 40g
Pectin 3g
Butter 60g
Glucose 50g
Water 80ml
Sieve the dry ingredients.
Combine remaining ingredients and bring to boil.
Stir in dry ingredients.
Chill down, spread onto a silicone sheet.
180°C until blubby.

Chocolate & Rhum sauce
Caster sugar 100g
Glucose 75g
Unsalted butter 120g
Water 50ml
Dark Rhum 50ml
Callebaut Sao Thomé dark chocolate 70% 90g
Make a caramel.
Add butter, glucose and water and boil up again.
Add chocolate and Rhum and mix well.

Raspberry honey
Fresh raspberries 1 punnet
Acacia honey 1/2 jar
Boil up honey, add raspberries and leave to infuse.

Sweet pastry
Flour 250g
Icing sugar 100g
Butter 175g
Egg yolk 1pc
Callebaut 100% cocoa paste 50g
Cream the butter and icing sugar, melt cocoa paste.
Mix until combined, flatten on a tray and chill.
Roll out and pre-bake before topping with raspberry tart mix.

Made at the 2007 finals of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, October 20-22nd.