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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate Pastry

Russia Alexander Ilyukhin Russia
2007 finals - 'Chocolate Cake with gentle flavour of oregano' - Russia
Base of this cake is short-nut wood dough with roasted hazelnut flavor and biscuit Madelina with soft texture.
Bitter chocolate is the main taste and the bitter flavour of oregano is added to that.
Two fillings give a dominate taste : boiled raspberry filling with very liquid consistence and complementary boiled creamy-yoghurt filling with light lime note.
After combination of all parts, the cake is glazed with mirror glazing coat and decorated with nibs and chocolate decor.

Short Hazelnut Pastry
Butter 150g
Brown Sugar 150g
Flour 150g
Callebaut Crushed hazelnuts GNT 150g
Mix all the ingredients.  Form.
To bake by 170° Celsius till golden color.
Cool. Use.

Sponge Cake 'Madelina'
Butter 100g
Milk 25g
Sugar 50g
Flour 125g
Salt 1g
Leavening agent 5g
Egg 125g
Sugar 75g
The melt down butter mix with milk, sugar, flour, salt, leavening agent.
Cool off.
Mix till homogeneous mass.
Egg shaking up with sugar and mix with mass.
Baking 8 minutes by 170°Celsius.
Cool. Use.

Raspberry's filling
Raspberry's sauce 900g
Sugar 200g
Pectin 22g
To boil Raspberry's sauce. To mix sugar with pectin.
To boil mass, stirring permanentely, until 50 % volume decreases.
Form.  Freeze.  Use.

Yoghurt Lime Filling
Creamy Yoghurt 400g
Whipped Cream 200g
Gelatin 5g
Lime's peel 10g
Lime's juice 8g
Creamy yoghurt heats up till 35° C.
To melt gelatin and mix with lime's peel and lime's juice.
To mix.  To filter up.
To add whipped cream.
Form.  Freeze.  Use.

Light Chocolate Mousse
Milk 385g
Egg yolks 80g
Glucose 20g
Trimalin 20g
Callebaut dark chocolate 70-30 500g
Whipped cream 600g
Gelatin 20g
Oregano 5g
To mix yolks, glucose and trimalin by homogeneous mass.
Add mass to hot milk, heating up till 85° Celsius.
To add chocolate, gelatin, oregano.
To chill till 35 ° Celsius.
To filter.
To mix with whipped cream.
To use.

Chocolate coating
Water 300g
Sugar 500g
Callebaut pure Cocoa Liquor CM 200g
Cream 360g
Gelatin 30g
To boil water, sugar, cocoa and cream till 101 ° Celsius.
To chill till 85 ° Celsius.
To add gelatin.
To use.

Made at the 2007 world finals of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, October 20-22nd.