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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate desserts

Russia Alexander Ilyukhin Russia
2007 finals - 'Fruit Chocolate Dessert' - Russia
Main taste of this dessert is mandarin.
A ganache from bitter chocolate with the savoury acidity of mandarin on the base of its juice.
Chilled ganache on short dough with hazelnut flavor.
There will be light mandarin mousse between short dough and ganache.
The dessert will be layed with nibs in the center, where there will be mandarin parts slightly roasted in mandarin sauce.
Filling should be warm at the moment of serving.
One of the last ingredients is coffee foam with light coffee note.
The plate is decorated with lemon foam and mandarin parts.
Bitter chocolate is used as decor.
Short Hazelnut Pastry
Butter 260g
Sugar 115g
Milk 80g
Callebaut Hazelnut Praline 120g
Flour 390g
Mix all ingredients.  Mould.  To bake at 180 ° Celcius during 9 minutes.
Cool down.  Use.

Sugar 140g
Butter 120g
Glucose 80g
Cream 100g
All ingredients put into boil during 1 minute.
To bake in thin layer at 180 ° Celcius during 5 minutes.
Mould when it is warm.
Cool down.

Mandarin Chocolate Ganache
Mandarin Juice 300g
Callebaut dark chocolate 100g
Trimolin 15g
Cream 100g
Mandarin's peel 30g
Cream and mandarin's peel heat up and then filter up.
Mandarin's juice to cook during 5 minutes.
Then to mix all ingredients.
Cool down.  To whip.  Use.

Mandarin Sauce
Mandarine Pulp 300g
Mandarin juice 150g
Sugar 50g
Pectin 3g
Cointreau 50g
Mandarin juice bring to boil, add sugar and pectin, cook during 1 minute.
Add other ingredients.  Use when it is hot.

Coffee Foam
Cream 75g
Milk 300g
Gelatin 6g
Sugar 20g
Coffee Beans 30g
Baileys liquor 15g
Cream, milk, coffee beans and sugar bring to boil.
Cool down to 35° Celcius.
To add gelatin and Baileys.
Cool down.  Use.

Lemon Foam
Lemon Juice 225g
Water 250g
Lecitine 1,5g
Mix all ingredients.
Whip with Robot Coupe. Use.

Mandarin Mousse
Mandarin Juice 190g
Sugar 40g
Egg yolk 80g
Starch 6g
Flour 6g
Whipped Cream 200g
Gelatin 3g
Butter 20g
Mandarin juice, butter heat, mix with the yolk,  sugar, starch and flour.
Bring to boil.  Cool down.  Mix with gelatin and cream.  Mould.  Use.

Made at the 2007 world finals of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, October 20-22nd.