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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate desserts

Canada Christophe Morel Canada
2007 finals - 'Circle of Life' - Canada
Liquid praliné, pure plantation Alto El Sol chocolate jelly, crunched and caramelized hazelnuts, vanilla ice cream, chocolate emulsion, roasted hazelnuts and gold leafs, crispy cassonade as basis. This exquisite dessert is an explosion of flavour. The textures and flavours make the tasting of the dessert unforgetable. The entire experience is united for the circle of life.
"Alto El Sol" chocolate jelly
Milk 1000g
Sugar 60g
Pectine x58 2g
Egg yolk 120g
Cacao Barry "Alto El Sol" Origin Chocolate 300g
Bring the milk, sugar and pectin to a boil and, off the stove, add the egg yolks. Mix well and pour over the chocolate in a mixer to emulsify is. Allow to cool down to 25°C. 
Fill 1/4 of the sphere. 

Liquid praliné
Praline maison 200g
Callebaut pure hazelnut paste 75g
Mix the 2 ingredients and fill the remaining 1/4 of the chocolate jelly sphere.

Crunched and caramelized hazelnuts
Regroup the caramelized hazelnuts from the praliné maison before mixing and add 1 vanilla bean.

Vanilla ice cream
Milk 605g
Esld 40g
Butter 101g
Egg yolk 71g
Sugar 121g
Powder glucose 50g
Vanilla beans 6g
Cremodant 5g

Chocolate emulsion
Milk 554g
Cacao Barry "Ghana" milk chocolate 277g
Cacao Barry "Tanzania" dark chocolate 55g
Cacao Barry "Arriba" milk chocolate 111g
Fine salt 3g
Boil the milk and salt, pour over the origin chocolate and store in the fridge. Serve à la minute with a straw.

Crispy cassonade base
Brown sugar 100g
Crunched and roasted hazelnuts 100g
Cacao Barry Pailleté Feuilletine 100g
Bake streusel 200g
Cacao Barry "Blanc Satin" white chocolate 150g
Gold powder 20g
Mix all ingredients and make a disc on the plate.

Put a disc of Crispy Cassonade on the plate, pour on a circle of cut chocolate with 10% oil. 
Fill 1/4 of the Chocolate Jelly, the the Liquid Praliné and the Caramelised and Crunched Hazelnuts. 
On top the vanilla ice cream and glaze all the above components with the chocolate emulsion. Decorate with a golden hazelnut and a gold leaf.
Serve immediately.

Made at the 2007 finals of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, October 20-22nd.