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Inspiring Recipes: Dipped pralines

Austria Leopold Forsthofer Austria
2007 finals - 'Harmony' - Austria
Spicy meets fruity : a soft melting ginger ganache, made from fresh gingerroot, combined with quince jelly. 
Qinger and quince harmonise perfectly with the fruity taste of the Callebaut Origine "Madagascar" dark chocolate. The full taste develops after eating and stays for a while - like a good perfume does.

1 = Ginger ganache
2 = Quince jelly
3 = Chocolate coating
4 = Chocolate decoration

Ginger ganache
Cream 300g
Dextrose 30g
Glucose syrup 30g
Fresh ginger in slices 10g
Callebaut "Satongo" dark chocolate 72% 250g
Butter 50g
Boil the cream, dextrose, glucose and ginger.
Let it stand for 10 minutes.
Pour over the melted "Satongo" chocolate and at 60°C, add butter. 
Mix and spread over the quince jelly.

Quince jelly
Quinces 250g
Water 35g
Quince puree 235g
Sugar 25g
Glucose 35g
Yellow ribbon pectin 6g
Sugar 200g
Glucose 35g
Citric acid 0.8g
Cut the quinces and cook them until they are soft. Mix and strain.
Add the pectin to the sugar. 
Pour the sugar-pectin mixtures in the quince puree and mix well. Bring to a boil.
Add the sugar and slucose and boil again.
Add in the acid and stir well. 
Pour this mixture into a mould and allow to cool down. 

Made at the 2007 world finals of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, October 20-22.