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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate Pastry

Austria Leopold Forsthofer Austria
2007 finals - 'Sacher Modern' - Austria
The Sacher Torte is a mythos in Austrian pastry - and maybe the most famous chocolate cake in the world!
Leopold Forsthofer's intention was to create a modern version of the original Sacher cake with its basic flavours. What would Edouard Sacher - the inventor - have created if he had known today's pastry techniques? 
This Sacher cake is a chocolate sponge cake without flour, that gives a very soft and moisten structure. The center is a fuit layer of apricots, embedded in an "Alto El Sol" chocolate mousse. The covering is a dark shiny chocolate glaze. 

1 = Crunchy coating
2 = Dark chocolate sponge
3 = Apricot fruit layer
4 = White chocolate sponge
5 = Alto El Sol chocolate mousse
6 = Dark glaze
7 = Chocolate decoration
Dark chocolate sponge
Callebaut Origine "Madagascar" chocolate 153g
Butter 144g
Egg yolk 77g
Egg white 153g
Sugar 45g
Melt chocolate and butter at 40°C. 
Add the egg yolks. 
Beat the egg white with the sugar and fold in the chocolate mixture. 
Bake in a water bath at 220°C for 45 min. (84°C inside temperature).

White chocolate sponge
Callebaut Excellent WNV white chocolate 167g
Butter 144g
Egg yolks 77g
Vanilla pod 2g
Egg white 153g
Sugar 45g
Process identical to the one for dark chocolate sponge. 

Apricot fruit layer
Apricot pulp 400g
Sugar 60g
Callebaut Mycryo cocoa butter 60g
Gelatine 9g           
Water 27g
Mix the gelatine with water. 
Heat the apricot pulpe and sugar to 60°C. 
Add the Mycryo and allow to melt. 
Add heated gelatine. 
Mix all together with a mixer. 

"Alto El Sol" Chocolate Mousse
Egg yolk 135g
Cacao Barry "Alto El Sol" chocolate 65% 420g      
Cream 135g
Glucose syrup 63g
Water 45g
Whipped cream 540g
Beat up the egg yolks.
Melt the Alto El Sol chocolate.
Heat the cream with the water and the syrup. Stir with the melted chocolate and mix well (all ingredients should have 35°C). 
Fold in the egg yolks  and finally the whipped cream.

Crunchy coating
Cacao Barry "Alto El Sol" dark chocolate 200g    
Cacao Barry Pailleté Feuilletine 100g
Before the glazing, turn the frozen cake upside down and coat the bottom with the Crunchy Coating.

Gelatine 40g
Water 120g
Cream 430g
Callebaut cocoa powder CP 120g
Cacao Barry "Alto El Sol" chocolate 300g
Butter 20g
Sugar 540g
Water 170g
Mix the gelatine with water. 
Heat the cream to 80°C and add gelatine. 
Mix with the cocoa, chocolate and butter. 
Boil sugar and water to 125°C and mix with the chocolate mixture. 

Made for the 2007 world finals of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, October 20-22.