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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate desserts

Austria Leopold Forsthofer Austria
2007 finals - 'The taste of Austria' - Austria
Austrian farmers are proud to grow fruits and plants which are typical for their region. Most of the elements used for this dessert are products which are typical for Austria. 
It is a composition of different textures and flavours : hot meets cold, crunchy meets creamy, chocolate meets fruit. 
A warm served chocolate cake combines with pumpkinseed-ice cream, mousse and berries from the forest. 

1 = Raspberry & red wine sauce
2 = Berries from the forest
3 = Chocolate "soufflé" cake
4 = Milk chocolate mousse with raspberries
5 = Chocolate cup
6 = Pumpkin ice cream
7 = Raspberry & red wine jelly
8 = Pumpkin - cocoa - crunchy caramel
9 = Roasted pumpkin seeds
10 = Cocoa nibs
Pumpkinseed ice cream
Milk 250g
Cream 250g
Sugar 62g
Egg yolks 120g
Sugar 63g
Vanilla 2g
Roasted pumpkin seeds 50g
Heat the milk with cream and sugar.
Mix the egg yolks with the other sugar and cook all together to the "rose". 
Add vanilla and roasted pumpkin seeds into the hot mixture and mix it.
Freeze in a PacoJet. 
After the PacoJet, fold in the pumpkin seed grillage. 

Punmpkin - cocoa - crunchy caramel (tuiles)
Sugar 150g
Yellow ribbon pectin 3g
Butter 100g
Glucose 50g
Water 50g
Tonka bean (grated) 0,5g
Callebaut cocoa nibs  
Mix pectin and sugar. 
Melt butter and glucose. 
Add the sugar mixture, then water and finally the tonka beans. 
Boil until a consistency like béchamel is reached. Cool down. 
Spread on a silicone sheet and put on lightly roasted pumpkin seeds and cocoa nibs. 
Bake at 190°C. 

Milk chocolate mousse with raspberries
Egg yolk 20g
Callebaut Origine "Java" milk chocolate 32,9% 100g
Raspberry brandy 12g
Cream 33g
Gelatine 2,5g
Water 10g
Whipped cream 110g
Mix gelatine and water.
Beat up the egg yolks.
Mix the melted milk chocolate with the heated cream and heated gelatine and raspberry brandy (temperature should be 35°C).
Add the beaten egg yolks.
Fold in the chocolate and the whipped cream.
Fill in the prepared chocolate cups and freeze. 

Raspberry & red wine jelly
Red wine 120g
Raspberry puree 85g
Sugar 40g
Gellan 3g
Heat all ingredients together to 70°C and fill in flexipan forms.

Raspberry & red wine sauce
Red wine 120g
Raspberry puree 85g
Sugar 40g
Xantana 1,5g
Stir all ingredients together and mix them.

Pumpkin seed grillage
Chopped, roasted pumpkin seeds 50g
Sugar 50g
Caramelise the pumpkin seeds with sugar.

Chocolate "soufflé" cake
Butter 90g
Callebaut "Satongo" dark chocolate 72% 75g
Vanilla sugar 4g
Salt 0,5g
Egg yolks 60g
Almond powder 120g
Egg white 90g
Sugar 70g
Beat the butter with the warm chocolate, the salt and the vanilla sugar.
Add the egg yolks.
Beat the egg whites with sugar.
Fold in the egg whites and the egg yolks and the almond powder.
Fill in timbal forms.
Bake in a water bath for 25 minutes.

Made at the 2007 world of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, October 20-22.