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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate desserts

Korea Young Teag Jung Korea
2007 finals - 'Shia - the gift of God' - Korea
Biscuit Chocolat
Egg yolk 80g
Egg 40g
Invert sugar 20g
Sugar 30g
Soft flour 40g
Cacao Barry "Extra Brute" cocoa powder 22-24% 20g
Butter 20g
Cacao Barry Cocoa Mass 20g
Egg white 100g
Egg white powder 1.5g
Sugar 30g
1. Heat the egg yolk and the whole eggs to 32°C in double jacket and mix with the invert sugar. 
2. Add the sugar on (1) to mix, and blend the sugar with the egg white powder and add the egg white again to make the meringue.
3. On mixture (2), mix the soft flour an the cocoa powder. Then blend with the meringue to add melted butter and the cocoa mass. Stir again.

Confit de fraise
Frozen Strawberry Puree 150g
Sugar 150g
Lemon 1pc
Vanilla bean 1/5 pc
Boil all ingredients together at 103°C.

Chantilly chocolat
Fresh cream 120g
Invert sugar 20g
Glucose syrup 20g
Callebaut dark chocolate 2815NV 56g
Fresh cream 184g
1. Boil the cream, invert sugar and glucose syrup. 
2. Use the well sliced dark chocolate and bar mixer to dissolve and emulsify, then mix with the whipped dairy cream. 

Tuile Dentelles Croustillantes Amandes
Sugar 150g
Pectin LMSN 2,5g
Butter 100g
Glucose syrup 50g
Water 50g
Sliced almond  
1. Boil the butter with the glucose syrup. 
2. Mix the sugar and the pectin well and add to the butter-glucose boil. 
3. Bake the sliced almond to brown colour. Mix into (2) and bake in the oven. 

Crème Chocolat Kirsch
Milk 60g
Callebaut W2NV white chocolate 144g
Gelatine leaves 2g
Cream 144g
Kirsch 5g
1. Boil the milk.
2. Mix the gelatine with the milk and emulsify with the thin slice of white chocolate. 
3. Insert the Kirsch, mix with the whipped cream and solidify in the refrigerator. 

Sauce au chocolat
Milk 200g
Cream 100g
Callebaut Origine "Madagascar" dark chocolate 125g
Mix well the milk and the dairy cream, and pour onto the dark chocolate. 

Sauce fraise
Frozen strawberry puree 150g
Frozen raspberry puree 150g
Icing sugar 30g
Lemon juice  
Mix all ingredients and blend with mixer. 

Made at the 2007 world finals of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, October 20-22nd.