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Inspiring Recipes: Dipped pralines

Korea Young Teag Jung Korea
2007 finals - 'Tears of Dragon' - Korea
Caramel d'Orange
Sugar 250g
Vanilla pod 1/2pc
Orange zest 40g
Butter 20g
Burn the sugar, the vanilla bean and the zest. 
When this starts bubbling, add the butter. 
Flatten thinly on a silicone sheet and allow to cool down.

Gianduja Orange
Caramel d'orange 85g
Callebaut 823NV milk chocolate 225g
Cacao Barry hazelnut praliné 150g
Prepare Gianduja noisette by mixing milk couverture and hazelnut praliné at 40°C. 
Mix the grinded caramel d'orange well with gianduja noisette. 
Place on the prepared frame. 

Ganache Lactée au Miel
Callebaut Origine "Arriba" dark chocolate 580g
Orange honey 100g
Water 30g
Cream 195g
Butter 100g
Boil the orange honey to 120°C and add water. 
Add the cream and mix with the Arriba chocolate. Emulsify with the bar mixer. 
Cool down to 35°C and add the butter. 
Spread the gianduja orange on a sheet and pour the Ganache Latée on the frame to solidify. 
Milk chemiser. 
Dip in dark chocolate. 

Made at the 2007 world finals of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, October 20-22.