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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate Pastry

Brazil Diego Lozano Brazil
2007 finals - 'Brasil' - Brazil
For 2 pies - approximately 1kg each.
Pistachio Jaconde Biscuit
Egg whites (1) 45g
Sugar (1) 58g
Pistachio paste 85g
Egg yolk 70g
Wheat flour 70g
Egg white (2) 158g
Sugar (2) 65g
Using an electric blender, blend the egg whites (1), the sugar(1) and the pistachio paste up to homogenization. 
While still blending, add the egg yolks one by one to get a fluffy cream. Turn the blender off. Reserve it.
Separately, whip the egg whites (2) with the sugar (2) to reach a firm consistency. 
Carefully mix to the reserved cream and spread a 0.5cm layer over a roaster covered with a silicone sheet. 
Bake in preheated oven at 180°C for about 20 minutes. 
After baking and cooling down, cut 2 disks with diameter 17cm and 2 with diameter15cm, using a round cutter. Seperate them until the utilization.

Crème anglaise
Fat milk 150g
Fresh cream 35% fat 50g
Egg yolks 50g
Sugar 20g
Boil the milk and the cream. 
Seperately, whip the egg yolks with the sugar up to homogenization and pour it over the boiling mixture. 
Cook up to reach 85°C and remove from the stove. 
Use at room temperature. 

Sao Thomé Mousse
Callebaut origine "Sao Thomé" chocolate 250g
Crème anglaise 265g
Fresh cream 35% fat 400g
Melt the Sao Thomé chocolate and mix into the crème anglaise. Reserve. 
Blend the liquid cream up to reach soft-chantilly consistency and then add the cream. 
Mix to homogenisation. Spread by using a piping bag.

Mangaba cream
Mangaba pulp 300g
Egg yolks 180g
Sugar 110g
Unsalted butter 130g
Gelatin in foil 2
Boil the Mangaba pulp. 
Seperately, blend the egg yolks with sugar and pour this over the boiling pulp. Cook at 85°C. 
Remove from heat and add the unsalted butter. 
When the mixture reaches 60°C, add hydrated gelatin and mix to homogenization. 
Pour the cream inside 2 disks of 15cm diameter and freeze.

Cocoa and Brazilian Nuts Nougat
Egg white 15g
Sugar 50g
Honey 125g
Callebaut Cocoa nibs 80g
Brazilian nuts 80g
Whip the egg whites with the sugar. 
Seperately, bopil the honey to 137°C and pour it over the egg whites while blending. 
Keep blending and add cocoa nibs and Brazilian nuts. 
Pour the mixture over a silicone sheet, and using a dough roller, open the nougat at 0.5cm thickness. 
Cut 2 disks of 15cm diameter and reserve. 

Chocolate glazing
Water 175g
Sugar 350g
Glucose syrup 100g
Fresh cream 35% fat 300g
Cacao Barry "Plein Arôme" cocoa powder 150g
Gelatin in powder 18g
Boil the water , sugar, glucose and cream to 102°C. 
Add the hyrated gelatin. 
Apply when this reaches 50°C. 

Cover a 17cm hoop lateral with an acetate foil. Place the pistachio biscuit in the bottom and fill the lateral gap with Sao thomé mousse. 
Over the pistachio dough, add the Cocoa Nibs and Brazilian Nuts Nougat, the Cupuaçu Cream and then pistachio biscuit. 
Fill the blanks with Sao Thomé mousse and freeze the pie for about 30 minutes. 
Un-mould and cover the frozen pie with chocolate glazing. 
Garnish with chocolate pieces and crispy cocoa nibs. 

Made at the 2007 world finals of the World Chocolate Masters in Paris, October 20-22.