National Selections: Rules & guidelines

Each contestant prepares in place the creations specified below
Assembling the chocolate showpiece
Each contestant assembles in place the chocolate parts he/she prepared and brought along, into a chocolate showpiece that fits the competition theme. 

Dipped praline
Each contestant makes a dipped praline with the interior that was brought along.

Moulded Praline
Each contestant makes a moulded praline, entirely prepared during the competition. 

Chocolate pastry
Each contestant makes a layered chocolate cake, entirely prepared and decorated during the contest.

Gastronomic "Mystery Dessert"
Each contestant creates and prepares in place a gastronomic dessert, only with the ingredients that are supplied by the Organising Committee: "The Mystery Dessert".

Each contestant brings the creations specified below
Individual elements for chocolate showpiece
Each contestant brings the elements for a showpiece that clearly expresses the competition theme. 

Interior for a dipped praline
Each contestant brings the interior for the pralines that will be dipped during the contest. 

Pre-baked sponge (biscuit) for chocolate pastry
Each contestant can bring a pre-baked sponge (biscuit) or similar pre-baked base for the pastry he/she will make during the contest.