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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate desserts

Éclosion - 1st place 'Chocolate Dessert', finals 2005
A. Moelleux au chocolat
B. Crème chocolat guyaguil
C. Crème mangue epicee
D. Chanttily chocolat Cuba
E. Appareil chocolat blanc
F. Caramel exotic
G. Crème chocolat blanc coco
H. Mangue marinade
I. Tuile dentelle croustillantes amandes
J. Décor Chocolat
Ingredients :
A. Moelleux au chocolat:
unsalted butter 55g / Cacao Barry Extra-bitter Guayaquil 138g / egg white 123g / sugar 28g / egg yolk 55g 

B. Crème chocolat guyaguil:
cam 85g / milk 85g / Cacao Barry Extra-bitter Guayaquil 125g 

C. Crème mangue epicee:
mangue epicee puree 250g / sugar 15g / Cacao Barry Beurre de cacao Mycryo 28g / gelatin 2g
D. Chanttily chocolat Cuba:
cream 100g / invert sugar 10g / starch syrup 10g / Cacao Barry Cuba 100% Origine 56g / cream 184g 

E. Appareil chocolat blanc:
Cacao Barry Mycryo 100g / Cacao Barry Blanc Satin 300g 

F. Caramel exotic:
sugar 107g / starch syrup 60g / cream 28g / sea salt at Christmas island 1g / vanilla beans 1piece / unsalted butter 30g / passion fruit puree 92g / mango puree 27g / coconut puree 27g 

G. Crème chocolat blanc coco:
milk 122g / coconut pulp 20g / Cacao Barry Blanc Satin 207g / gelatin 3g / cream 230g 

H. Mangue marinade:
fresh mango 1 piece / tequila 10g 

I. Tuile dentelle croustillantes amandes:
sugar 150g / pectin 2.5g / unsalted butter 100g / starch syrup 50g / mineral water 50g / some sliced almond 

Preparation method :
A. Moelleux au chocolat
Melt unsalted butter and Cacao Barry Extra-bitter Guayaquil.
Make merengue by egg white and sugar
Add egg yolk to 1. and then add 2.
Pour 3. to tray and freeze it.
Bake by oven before using. 

B. Crème chocolat Guayaquil
Boil cream and milk and emulsify them with Cacao Barry Extra-bitter Guayaquil. 

C. Crème mangue epicee
Mix mangue epicee and sugar and then add heat to 70 ℃
Add Cacao Barry Mycryo and gelatin to 1. After melting both, emulsify them. 

D. Chanttily chocolat Cuba
Make ganache by using except cream 184g and cool down.
Add 1. to cream 184g and whip by mixer. 

E. Appareil chocolat blanc

Melt Mycryo and Cacao Barry Blanc Satin. 

F. Caramel exotic

Make caramel by using sugar, starch syrup and salt.
Add unsalted butter to 1. and then add cream.
After adding 3 kinds of puree to 2., boil them to 108 ℃

G. Crème chocolat blanc coco
Roast coconut pulp and add flavor of the coconut to milk.
Boil 1. and add gelatin and then emulsify it and Cacao Barry Blanc Satin.
After cooling down 2., mix it to whipped cream. 

H.Mangue marinade
Cut fresh mango into slice and die-cut it by flower shape.
Cut remaining mango(150g) into cube and then add tequila. 

I.Tuile dentelle croustillantes amandes
Add heat to unsalted and starch syrup and add sugar and pectin. And then, boil them.
Add mineral water to 1. and boil again.
Cool down 2.
Thin 3. by chablon and put sliced almond. And then bake it by oven. After baking, make it curve. 

Pipe ‘Caramel exotic’ on plate and put Moelleux au chocolat. Pour Crème chocolat Guayaquil to center and cover it with sliced mango.
Pipe ‘Chantilly chocolat Cuba’ on 1. put ‘Tuile dentelle croustillantes amandes’ on it and then put chocolate decoration.
Pipe ‘Chantilly chocolat Cuba’.
Make dish by ‘Appareil chocolat blanc’ and pour ‘ Crème chocolat blanc coco’ to the dish. Pipe ‘ Crème mangue’ epicee at the center. Keep it in freezer.
Put 4. on 3. and scatter ‘Mangue marinade’. 

Dessert made at the World Chocolate Masters 2005 Finals in France.
"Best Chocolate Dessert"

2nd place in the category "Best Chocolate Dessert", world finals 2005:
Olivier Vidal (France)