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Inspiring Recipes: Dipped pralines

Netherlands Gerwin van Boekel Netherlands
'Elephants dream' - Netherlands
A. Amarula canache
B. Crusty slice
C. Cassis jelly
"Elephants dream"

115  g Whipped cream without sugar
30    g Butter
30    g White molasses
80    g Amarula cream
420 g White chocolate Callebaut W2NV

Working method :
Warm whipped cream, butter and white molasses to +/- 85 degrees Celsius.
Add white chocolate and stir smooth, afterwards add Amarula cream and stir smooth again. 
Cool down to obtain a spray ganache.

Cassis jelly

150  g Cassis puree
135  g Water
65    g Pectine
630 g Loaf sugar
10    g Citric acid

A crusty slice per praline

Boil cassis puree, water, pectin and 150 gram of sugar.
Then add the rest of the sugar and the citric acid and boil again.
Spread this on a plate with silicone-paper.
Put here the crusty slice.

Squirt on the Amarula ganache, after stiffness and dip in pure chocolate and decorate.