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Inspiring Recipes: Dipped pralines

Netherlands Hein Geers Netherlands
'Annacure' - Netherlands

1. Pineapple jelly
2. Curcumma Ganache


Caramelized coco

100  g Cocos Rasp
5       g Peanut oil
100  g Powder sugar

Mix everything en roast in the oven on 200 °c

Pineapple jelly

333  g Pineapple puree
192  g Water
113  g Pectin
862 g Sugar
14    g Citric acid

Boil pineapple puree, water and the pectin together.
Add sugar and boil for two minutes.
Add directly after boiling the citric acid and pour out.
Then directly sprinkle with caramelized coco.

Curcumma ganache

300 g Cream
125  g Invert sugar
1       g Curcuma powder
800 g White chocolate Callebaut W2NV
50    ml Curcuma liquor

Boil cream, invert sugar and Curcuma and mix white chocolate.
Add the liquor at the last moment.
Pour this mass on the cooled down pineapple jelly and let dry the filling
12 hours before cutting it.

Dip with Santongo chocolate.