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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate Pastry

Netherlands Hein Geers Netherlands
'Albèric Mandarin' - Netherlands
1. Bisquit
2. Almond/roses dress
3. Mousse of roses
4. Milk chocolate / Mousse of mandarin
5. Pure chocolate mousse
6. Cacao mirror
7. Decoration
"Albèric Mandarin"


150 g     Butter
150 g     Sugar
1      pce Yolk
250 g     Flour
3      g     Baking powder
1      pce Mandarin peel

Mix butter and sugar together
Add egg and peel
Sieve flour and baking powder together
Bake to 195°c during 10 min

Almond/roses dress

50    g    Sugar
100 g    Yolk
75    g    Bitter almond powder
10    g    Fresh cutted rose leafs
50    g    Flour “Albatross”
75    g    Egg white
50    g    Sugar
30    g    Cocoa butter (melted) Callebaut CB
2      g     Flower of salt
1      pce Vanilla bourbon

Beat yolk, sugar and vanilla.
Mix the cutted roses with almond powder and flour.
Beat the egg white with sugar and salt.
Mix the flourmingle through the yolk-mass and
Mix this with the beated egg white en mix at the same time the melted cacao butter through it.
Bake to 180 °c 5 à 10 min in rings of 18 cm Æ.

Pate à bombe

150  g  Water
440 g  Sugar
400 g  Yolk

Boil the sugar and the water together until 121 °C and pour it sprayable on the not beated yolks and stir.
Sieve this mix and serve in a chipon.

Milk chocolate / Mousse of mandarin

200  g     Pate a bombe
110   g     Sugar
35     g     Water
100  g     Egg white
200  g     Cream
225  g     Milk chocolate Callebaut Java
25     g     Mycryo
3       pce Mandarin peel

Make boiling foam with water, sugar and egg white.
Mix whipped cream with the peel.
Mix the chocolate with de Mycryo and fold the “pate a bombe” carefully,
Mix this with the boiling foam.
Add the cream and mix this carefully.
Fill in the flexi pan shapes of 18 cm Æ

Mousse of roses

15    g    Water
110 g    Cream
10    g    Rose leafs
25    g    Sugar
45    g    Yolk
25    ml Rose liquor
50    g    White chocolate Callebaut W2NV
20    g    Mycryo
200 g    Lobelia cream

Boil water, cream, rose leafs and sugar together and let soak during 2 min.
Sieve the boiling mix and stir it off with the yolks.
Add the liquor, white chocolate and the Mycryo and serve in chiffon.
Spray the chiffon empty and fold in with the cream.
Fill the flexipan shapes of 18 cm Æ

Pure chocolate mousse

200 g Pate a bombe
200 g Kumabo chocolate
440 g Lobelia cream

Mix the “pate a bombe” with chocolate and fold carefully in the cream.

Cacao mirror

240 g Cream
280 g Water
360 g Sugar
120 g C0coa powder Callebaut CP
15    g Gelatin

Boil the cream, water, sugar and cacao powder together to 104°c.
Let this mass cool down to circa 50 degrees and add the gelatin.