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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate Pastry

Netherlands van Overveld Bart Jeroen Netherlands
'Odin' - Netherlands
A. Chocolate jelly
B. Bisquit
C. Nougatine crunchy
D. Chocolate mouss
E. Panacotta brullee
F. Bisquit
G. Ground


100 g Almond
50   g Pistachio
75   g Butter
75   g Cane-sugar

Working method:
Grind nuts fine
Mix the melt butter and cane-sugar
Press in a ring of 18 cm Ø (diameter)
Bake +/- 30 min. on 160 degrees Celsius


150 g Almond paste
70   g Egg-yolk
50   g Hole egg
80   g Egg white
26   g Flour
50   g Cacao Callebaut CP
34   g Butter
80   g Sugar

Working method:
Mingle almond paste with a hole egg and white of egg
Add melted butter
Beat egg white with sugar
Sieve flour and cacao
Mix egg and butter through whipped-eggs
Mix flour and cacao
Fill round baking tin of 16 cm
Bake +/- 20 min. on 190 degrees Celsius

Panacotta brullee

500 g     Whipped cream without sugar
40   g     Sugar
40   g     Caramel callets Callebaut CHF-N3438CARA
18   g     Gelatine powder
1     pce Vanilla pod

Working method:
Caramelise the sugar
Extinguish with whipped cream
Add vanilla pod
Bring slowly to the boil
Add callets and gelatine powder
Pour in a flexi pan

Choco nougatine crunchy

100  g  Milk
150  g  Butter
100  g  White molasses
300 g   Sugar
6       g  Pectin
300  g  Chopped nuts
40     g  Cacao Callebaut CP
200  g  Dried fruit
300  g  Cornflakes

Working method:
Boil milk, butter, white molasses, sugar and pectin up to 160 degrees Celsius
Stir nuts, fruit and cornflakes through it
Put it in a plate
Bake +/- 8 min. on 200 degrees Celsius
Cut into pieces of +/- 0,5 cm

Chocolate mousse

375    g Egg-yolk
450    g Brown sugar
125    g Water
1200 g Chocolate 70 % Callebaut Sao Thomé
875    g Whipped cream without sugar
34      g Gelatine
170    g Water
2350 g Wipped cream without sugar
1         g Vanilla-pod

Working method:
Egg-yolk / brown sugar / water ( pate a bombe )
Boil whipped cream with vanilla-pod and melt chocolate in it
Soak gelatine in water
Beat whipped cream
Warm up gelatine and water and add to whipped cream with chocolate
Cool down
Mingle this mass through the whipped cream
Turn on the pate a bombe

Chocolate jelly

300 g  Whipped cream without sugar
360 g  Water
300 g  Glucose molasses
150  g  Hazelnut paste Callebaut Pra-Clas
220 g  Milk chocolate Callebaut 823
20    g  Gelatine
100 g  Water
2      g  Vanilla

Working method:
Boil whipped cream, water, hazelnut paste, oil vanilla and glucose
Cool down
Soak gelatine in water
Add the cooled down boiled mass
Add chocolate and melt