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Inspiring Recipes: Dipped pralines

Korea Sung Hoon Cho Korea
Lemon & Ginger - Korea
Lemon ganache & ginger ganache, dipped in dark chocolate
1. Lemon ganache

Fresh cream 200g
Trimoline 12g
Callebaut dark chocolate  2815NV 200g
Cacao Barry Extrabitter Guayaquil 30g
Lemon marmalade 20g
Cointreau 12g

- Mix trimoline and boiled fresh cream.
- Add dark couvertures, cirton marmalade and cointreau
- Pin out in 0.5cm thick and leave it to firm.

2. Ginger ganache

Fresh cream 190g
Callebaut milk  chocolate 823NV 300g
Cacao Barry Extra bitter Guayaquil 125g
Ginger juice 40g
Callebaut Cocoa butter CB 10g

- Boil fresh cream and add ginger juice.
- Add milk and dark chocolates and cacao butter

Cover lemon ganache with ginger ganache in 0.5cm thick. Leave it for 24 hours to firm and cover it with Cacao Barry dark couverture Excellence and then decorate.

Made for the Korean national selection of World Chocolate Masters 2007