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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate Pastry

Japan Tetsuji Okada Japan
'Mousse Chocolate Orange'- Japan
- Mousse Caramel Orange
- Biscuit noisette
- Glaçage Chocolat
- Mousse Chocolate
- Streusel

1. Mousse Caramel Orange

  • Granulized sugar 90g
  • Whole egg 90g
  • Orange peal 4pcs
  • Orange juice 80g
  • Callebaut Mycro cocoa butter 55g
  • Mascarpone 100g
  • Fresh cream (45%) 70g
  • Gurammanie 10g
  • Blood Orange 20g

Preparation :
- Boil with Orange peal and Orange juice
- Mix whole egg and Granulized sugar and mix into the above liquid and boil them
- Add Mycro and cool it down.
- Add Mascarpone into it and then add fresh crème.
- Add Grammanie and Blood Orange and mix them. 

2. Chocolate Mousse

Fresh Crème (36%) 225g
Egg yolk 48g
Granulized sugar 21g
Milk chocolate Cacao Barry Lactee Superieure 305g
Dark chocolate Cacao Barry Extra Bitter Guayaquil 305g
Gelatin 6g
Fresh Cream (36%) 405g 

Preparation :
- Boil Fresh Cream and then pour the mixed egg yolk and Granulized sugar into it and increate the temperature up to 83C
- Add Gelatin into it and strain them
- Add Extra bitter Guayquil and emulsifying
- Add Fresh cream into it.

3. Biscuit Noisette
Egg white 156g
Granulized sugar 110g
Hazelnuts powder 130g
Almond powder 50g
Egg yolk 110g 

Preparation :
- Make Meringue with Egg white and Granulized sugar
- Add egg yolk and mix it.
- Add hezelnuts powder and Almond powder
- Bake at 180C for 15 minutes

4. Streusel
Cocoa powder Cacao Barry 20g
Wheat 130g
Almond powder 50g
Hazelnuts powder 100g
Hazelnuts 40g 

Preparation :
- Mix all of the ingredient and cool it at frinze.
- Sieve them with rough whole and then bake them at 170C for 15 minutes

5. Glaçage Chocolat
Fresh Cream (36%) 375g
Starch syrup 53g
Granulized sugar 38g
Cocoa powder Cacao Barry  38g
Gelatin 12g
Honey 60g
Dark chocolate Cacao Barry Extra bitter Guayaquil 142g 

Preparation :
- Boil with Creame, Starch syrup, and honey
- Add Granulized sugar and Cocoa powder into it and boil it
- Add Cacao Barry Extra bitter Guayaquil and strain it

Japanese selection for World Chocolate Masters 2007.
Winner finest Taste Award.