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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate Pastry

Japan Tadahori Oki Japan
'Tsubasa' - Japan
layer from the bottom
- Put Chocolate Mousse with  kurozu vinegar into 18cm diameter circle
- Put the freezed Biscuit with almond chocolate with caramelised banana
- Put Feuilletine Chocolat Lait
- Fill up with Chocolate Mousse and “kurozu” vinegar
- Put Almond Chocolate biscuit 
- After freezing it, eliminate cercle and spray with chocolate.

1. Almond Chocolate Biscuit 

TDT 175g
Flour 20g 
Cocoa Powder Callebaut CP 9g
Eggs 150g
Clarified butter 20g
Egg whites 100g
Sugar 50g
Inverted sugar 5g
- After baking it, cut at 18cm and 15cm diameter size

2. Feuilltine Chocolate Milk

Milk chocolate Callebaut 2665 70g
Callebaut Praline Pra-Clas 130g
Callebaut Paillete Feuilletine 50g

- Mix everything and smooth the mixture out with 3 mm thickness
- Put at fringe
- Cut with 15 cm diameter

3. Banane Carameliser

Banana 360g
Sugar 90g
Butter 90g
Vanilla 1 pc

- Caramelize on the pan with sugar and add Beurre.
- Cut Banana and put into the Caramel with Vanille.
- Put Biscuit Almond Chocolate into the 15cm cercle, and put Caramelized Banane on that.
- Keep it at freezer.

4. Mousse of Chocolate and “Kurozu” Vinegar

Egg yolks 100g
Fresh cream 38% 60g
Gelatin leaves 6g
Fresh cream 38% 400g
Callebaut chocolate 3815NV 200g
Vinegar “Kanjuku kurozu” 100g

- Beat the mixture of egg yolk, Fresh cream and sucre at 80C
- After cooling it down, add Callebaut 3815NV into it and then add the beaten fresh cream
- Boil Kurozu until when the volume became 2/3
- Add the swallen gelatin into Kurozu
- Mix with 2 mixtures.

Japanese selection for World Chocolate Masters 2007.