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Inspiring Recipes: Dipped pralines

Japan Tadahori Oki Japan
'Wan' - Japan
1. Smooth Callebaut Sao Thome out as a thin layer and cut with 32mm diameter cercle.
2. Squeeze Ganache with Tea “Houji” out onto it
3. Put Tablette de Sesame onto it and press to make it harder
4. Dip the center into Callebaut Sao Thome and put on the transfer sheet.
1.  Sesame Tablet
Callebaut chocolate 2665NV 36g
Praline Callebaut 54g
Sesame 20g

- After melting chocolate over, add praline crème and toasted sesame seeds
- Smooth them out at 2mm and keep at fridge

2. Ganache with Tea “Houji”
Callebaut 2665NV
Callebaut 3815NV 42g
Fresh Cream 38% 112g
Butter 22g
Inverted sugar 23g
Tea “Houji” powder11g

- Pour boiled fresh milk into Callebaut 2665NV, Callebaut 3815NV, sucre inverti, and the “Houji” poudre and make emulsifier.

Japanese selection for World Chocolate Masters 2007.