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Inspiring Recipes: Chocolate Pastry

Japan Tomoyuki Kanai Japan
'Osake' - Japan
layer from the bottom
- Dacquoise Pistachio
- Croquant Noisette
- Mousse chocolat Osake
- Mousse chocolate lait Osake (center of the cake)
- Mousse chocolat Osake
- Spray the chocolate
1. Put Dacqouise pistachio into diameter 180cm cercle and then put crouquant Noisette on it.
2. Pour Mouse chocolat “Osake” into it until the half of its cercle.
3. Put Mouse chocolate lait “Osake” at the center of the cake and then fill it up with Mousse chocolat “Osake”
4. Put at freezer
5. Pistole chocolat on the surface
6. Put the decoration chocolat
1. Dacquoise pistachio (180mm diameter, 3 pcs)

Wheat 24g
Sucre Glace 120g
Pistachio powder 150g
Almond powder 30g
Egg white 180g
Granulated sugar 45g
- Make meringue with granulated sugar and egg white
- Sieve wheat, sucre glacé, pistachio powder, and almond powder and then add into meringue
- Squeeze the mixture on the plate with the shape of 18cm diameter circle
- Sieve sucre glacé on that and bake for 25 minutes at 190C

2. Biscuit joconde pistachio

Pistachio powder 150g
Almond powder 40g
Granulated sugar 190g
Wheat 54g
Whole egg 6 pcs
Egg white 150g
Granulated sugar 27g
Butter (non-salted) 33g

- Mix pistachio powder, almond powder and granulated sugar and then add whole egg, and stirr it
- Add wheat into it
- Make meringue with egg white and granulated sugar and add into the mix
- Mix the mixture with melted butter and pour onto the plate
- Bake for 10 minutes at 220C
- Take the shape with diameter 150cm cercle

3. Hazelnut crisp

Cacao Barry Praline Noisette 200g
Cacao mass Callebaut CM 40g
Whole hazelnuts Callebaut NOG 80% (roasted) 120g
Cacao Barry Pailleté Feuilletine 100g
French biscuit crunch little

- Mix Cacao Barrry Praline Noisette with melted Cacao mass
- Mix roasted Hazelnuts 80% and french biscuit and then combine and mix them.

4. Syrup “Osake”

Japanese Alcohol (Sake) 50cc
Syrup Baume 30 25cc

- Mix them

5. Milk chocolate Mousse Osake

Milk 150cc
Egg yolk 60g
Granulated sugar 40g
Gelatin leaves 5g
Milk chocolate Callebaut 823NV 200g
Fresh cream 35% 270g
Japanese alcohol (Osake) 30cc

- Mix egg yolk and granulated sugar and then pour into the boiled milk and make anglaise
- Add plate gelatin into the mixture after putting it with cold water.
- Add Callebaut 823 into it. After emulsifying it, add Osake
- Add beat fresh cream and add into it.
- After setting Biscuit jokonde pistacho into cercle, dip into “Syrup Osake” , and then pour the mixture into it for 2-3mm.
- Put in Freezer

6. Dark Bitter Chocolate Mousse

Granulated sugar 42g
Egg yolk 90g
Water 12cc
Fresh cream 35% 120g
Plate gelatin 6g
Dark chocolate Callebaut 60-40-38NV 300g
Fresh cream 35% 480g
Japanese alcohol (Osake) 30cc

- Heat with water and granulated sugar up to 112C
- Add egg yolk and stirrer it
- Boil fresh crème 35% (120g) and add place gelatin after soaking into the cold water.
- Pour the first step mixture into the 2nd step mixture. Add Osake into it.
- After melting Callebaut 60-40-38NV, add 1/3 of beat fresh crème into it and then mix with the above mixture
- Add the rest of beat fresh cream into them.

7. Decoration

Pistre chocolat
Dark chocolate Callebaut 3815 100g
Callebaut cocoa butter Mycro 50g
Color; White, Yellow, and Green

Japanese preselection for World Chocolate Masters 2007.