World Finals: Jury

Germany Knauf, Ewald (°1955) - Germany

Professional experience

  • Now: head teacher at the master school of confectioner, Chamber of Trade Cologne, with more than 500 skilled master confectioner so far.
  • 1973: Apprenticeship as cook at Hilton Hotel in Düsseldorf.
  • 1969: Apprenticeship as confectioner at company Göddertz in Wuppertal.

Awards and titles

  • 1996: Special Award at the Biennale Internationale Lion Art de la Patisserie.
  • 1996: Silver medal at the Cook Olympic Games in Berlin.
  • 1993: 2nd prize winner of the first Confectioner's World Championship in Stuttgart.
  • 1988: Winner of the golden medal at the International Culinary Art Exhibition in Frankfurt / Main.
  • 1980: Master confectioners degree.
  • 1975: 3rd winner in the "La Cruixe" finals in Germany.