World Finals: Rules & guidelines

All finalists the following assignment for the world finals 2007 :

1. Chocolate masterpiece
Each contestant makes a chocolate showpiece that reflects a myth or legend that is typical for the country he represents. 
Dimensions of base : max. 60x60cm
Height : min. 1 meter - max.2 meters
How impressive can pure chocolate be?

2. Chocolate pastry
Each contestant prepares a delicious pastry with a chocolate centre.
Ask your favourite pastry chef to re-make it for you!

3. Chocolate pralines
Each contestant creates a moulded and a hand dipped praline. 
Small jewels shining with chocolate, and hiding inside a treasure of pure taste.

4. Dessert
Each contestants prepares a genuine gastronomic dessert in which chocolate plays a major role. 
Even after dinner, chocolate keeps spoiling you.

5. Small chocolate showpiece
Each contestant makes a small chocolate showpiece, related to the competition theme of "National myths and legends". This showpiece will be displayed on a "hanging" base, allowing them to work in any direction they want : up, down or even all around...
Ready to discover the limits of chocolate?

Download the full competition rules for all further details.